August 10, 2020

Cooperative Learning and How Does it Work | 1 min read

Cooperative learning has been around for decades now. In this teaching strategy, students are grouped together to work on the same task. This technique emphasizes the importance of interdependency and personal responsibility. It is a social activity where students learn soft skills as well.

In cooperative learning, instructors don’t necessarily teach their students directly. By working in a small group, the students learn by doing their individual tasks to achieve a goal. By doing this, learners become more independent, they know how to be accountable for sharing his/her knowledge to the group, they encourage each other to participate as it provides an equal opportunity to all and they all learn together through interaction and sharing. 

According to research studies, cooperative learning helps students achieve higher outcome, increase retention, promote positive relationship and social support, encourages and motivates them and have better attitude towards teachers and the school.

Have you tried incorporating cooperative learning in your classroom? What about in an eLearning or edtech platform? How did the students perform? Share your experience in the comment box below.