August 17, 2020

Memorisation is for robots. People learn by doing

Along with the progression and advancement of computer programming, cognitive science and artificial intelligence, we have a better understanding of how we learn. According to Ray Kurzwell, a pioneer in voice recognition technology, “Memorisation is for robots. People learn by doing.” That’s why experiential learning is so important. 

Experiential learning or EXL is defined as learning through reflection on doing. “Experience is the best teacher” and this saying is applicable to most of us. Experience-based learning is really effective because we don’t only learn new things but we develop new behaviour and habit as well. 

Professor Kolb, an active researcher on the experiential learning theory, said that “knowledge results from the combination of grasping experience and transforming it.” Hence, his studies show that it is a continuous process that includes experience, reflection, conceptualisation and experimentation.

Have you tried experiential learning in your class? A hands-on activity falls under experience-based learning but it doesn’t require students to reflect on the output of their learning experience. Let us know how you are applying this approach whether in your physical or digital classroom in the comments below.