November 20, 2020

Post Pandemic Education – How Will it Be?

Parents, teachers, school administrators, students – everyone has varying experiences with education during this pandemic. Some learners are striving with remote learning while others complain about “Zoom fatigue”. Most teachers were challenged and forced to learn new skills and learn them fast. Parents have been heavily involved with their kids’ education.

So how does the education space look during the post pandemic era? Will we continue offering remote learning, revert back to the traditional classroom setting or offer a mix of both? Whatever schools implement, we must remember that technology should supplement but not replace school experience.

Evidently, educators have been creative and flexible to address their students’ learning needs. The way they deliver content, evaluate learning and provide feedback has changed. It required them to innovate, combine strategies and see if they work.

Parents, who have been more involved with their kids’ learning process, have also been communicating with the teachers and other school staff now more than ever. Will the parents see the importance of getting involved in their children’s education and continue this active participation even after the pandemic?

Looking at the brighter side, this pandemic has offered us an opportunity to do things differently. How is your school coping up? What about the teachers and other staff? Are students provided with what they need? How are parents doing?

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