October 21, 2020

Teaching Online: The New Normal or Not

If you’re a teacher during this pandemic season, you’re probably teaching online or teaching face-to-face per batch. It highly depends on where you are around the globe.

But let’s face it, do you think this would be the new normal way of how we conduct education? Let’s consider two scenarios:

Scenario A: You’re a teacher and you’re in a country where the virus has already been suppressed and things are slowly going back to normal. Schools have opened but online classes are also an option. You don’t have any problems with online teaching, in fact, you have more time now to spend on preparing, conducting and assessing the lessons. Your internet is stable, you have access to equipment, so do your students.

Scenario B: You’re a teacher in a developing country where the virus is still a threat. You’re struggling with online teaching since not all of your students have access to a stable internet connection, let alone equipment needed for this. You have a large class and to keep things in order, you have to conduct the same lesson three times to three smaller batches of students. Not all of them are able to comply with your requirements since their connection is slow and they have to share the PC with other siblings.

What do you think? How’s your experience so far? What do you prefer – online teaching or face-to-face? Share your thoughts in the comments below.