Why Visible Internet?

An increasing body of research highlights the importance of parental involvement in the education of children, technology used by children and the internet choices made by children.

Parents simply being present, will increase a child‘s academic achievements, improve behavior and the overall performance of a child. Children with parents who participate in their education consistently perform better than those who do not.

However, the information technology age presents the parent of today with numerous challenges. The rise of the internet has made communication, entertainment, socializing and work, highly individualised activities and this has frayed the family fabric. The biggest target are teens and tweens, who are cut-off from the nurture and care of their parents when they need it the most. At the same time, they are faced with an online world that is harsh and detrimental to their development.

But then again at the same time, the internet holds vast potential and cannot be ignored. It has presented children with opportunities unthinkable just a few years ago, and plays a crucial role in their learning and development. If used properly, these tools can greatly help children in their growth.

A solution is thus needed that tackles this problem from the inside, enabling parents to fully realise the benefits of the internet yet stave off its negative effects. It should enable parents to be present in the lives of their children so they can support them in their various endeavors, the most important of which is their education.

Visible Internet is a tool designed around parent-child relationships in the digital age. Its seamless integration into the busy lives of parents means little hassle on their part, yet allowing them to be present in crucial years of childhood development.

Using Visible Internet Technology to Improve Student's Performance via Increased Parent-Student Interaction

Various studies prove the importance of parental involvement for improving student grades.

A Meta-Analysis on 77 studies comprising over 300,000 K-12 students shows that increased parental involvement is associated with higher student performance1 . The trend not only holds for the overall student population but also the minority population and the more involved the parents, the better the result. With the difference in grades being as high as 8%.

Time-intensive activities like reading and communicating with children had better results than subtler activities like setting rules or attending school events.

Parents Regularly Overestimate Their Child’s Performance in School

Per Dizon-Ross2 , parents frequently have inflated ideas about their children’s performance in school. Per their study, 38 percent of parents of those children who could barely decipher letters thought that their children could read and understand a story.


If these parents are apprised more frequently about the academic performance of their ward, as proven by various programs such as those run by Peter Bergmen, professor at Teacher’s College, their performance improves. The result was higher for math grades under one study by 3% points3.

There is also a decline in associated bad behavior such as bullying and verbal abuse. There were also positive classroom spillover effects for grades and attendance. It was shown that the frequency of communication also matter, with higher frequency associated with a better outcome.

The implications of the above studies are clear. Parental involvement is indispensable to improved student results. Educators should thus consistently encourage parents to become more involved in their children’s schooling for better results.